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All American family, promotes the education and good use of cannabis; providing our members with the best quality products, gadgets, rolling papers, stickers and other legal products that include a great FREE edible or other gift in the greater Washington D.C. area.


All American Bakery is a group of people that are Marijuana advocates, and we are actively taking part in projects to spread awareness, while also helping local disabled and homeless Veterans in the surrounding community.

We would like an opportunity to do more great things within the Washington DC community and surrounding areas, with your assistance. Check our FAQ out to learn more about what you can do to help. We are I-71 compliant and only sell high quality rolling papers, stickers and other legal products.

Any gifts provided by us are not associated with the cost of the item sold to you in any way, and any discussion about selling Cannibis will not be tolerated. If you recieve a gift, it is being provided because we think you are awesome for helping us help our community. We love you for that.