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COVID Effect on Cannabis Festivals

Corona Virus or COVID-19, a pandemic has effected almost every single business. So, cannabis industry is also suffering. The most important precautionary measure to avoid COVID-19 is social distancing. Which means that shops, markets etc. are closed. People cannot gather in huge crowds. These restrictions have drastically effected cannabis industry as a lot of cannabis festivals, event and conventions have been either cancelled or postponed.

What are cannabis festivals?

Pot smokers are social people who love to get together have some fun and also promote the heavenly cannabis products. Cannabis festival and conventions are planned and designed by the supporters to celebrate cannabis, its products and legalization. Although few states in America have already legalized some products of cannabis but still there is a long way to go to achieve desired outcomes.

These are huge gatherings that attracts thousands of people from around the globe. The festivals not only attract consumers but also the sellers. They promote and advertise their products in the festivals or cannabis conventions. The attendees can get to see and discuss the products with the sellers. The most important festival or gathering for pot smokers is the 4/20. Just like other festivals on April 20th, cannabis enthusiast from around the globe get together to enjoy what they love: cannabis and its products.

Cancelled or Postponed Festivals

This is a great setback for cannabis industry. As, it is a major opportunity to create awareness, promote and pursue legalization of cannabis. Not only that, the booking of artists, companies, and speakers etc. are very costly. The expensive equipment for the conventions or festivals that have already been transported to the venues are of no use. The cancelling of a convention or festival would do more bad than planned benefits.

Due to the pandemic, from Spannabis in Spain to Austin, Texas, almost 15 conferences linked to cannabis industry have been canceled, rescheduled, or postponed. Mentioned below is the list of some of the cannabis events effected by coronavirus:

  • American Herbal Products Association

  • Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival

  • The Body – The Power of CBD conference in Cologne, Germany

  • California Cannabis Industry Association’s annual policy conference

National cannabis festival, Washington, D.C.

National cannabis festival is really full of fun, promotion opportunities for cannabis lovers. It is organized to have some fun time or exchange information about different strains and their properties. The festival offers fairs, exhibitions and contest in which you can participate and show the audience your fancy devices and amazing products. Cannabis enthusiasts get together to legalize the use of cannabis product and promote its useful properties. The aim is to promote it in such a way that people forget controversies related to cannabis and focus on its good aspects.

Due to COVID-19, the festival has been postponed that was supposed to be held on 18th April, 2020. It is a big loss for organizers, marketing, promotions and sales.

In these gloomy times for cannabis industry there is a good news. Since, the start of COVID-19 the consumption patterns of cannabis products reveal an increase in consumption of products. The consumer research also reveals that consumers intend to either maintain or increase purchasing cannabis products.

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