Edibles Washington DC

Marijuana has recently started becoming legal in several states, and many people choose to use it for medical purposes. While some states have only legalized medical marijuana, meaning you would have to go to a dispensary to acquire it, other states have also legalized recreational use of the drug. Places like Denver and Seattle have dispensaries and seeing one is about as common as seeing any other retail store. While Washington DC has legalized the use of marijuana, there are no dispensaries to be found. However, if you are searching for weed or other marijuana products such as edibles in Washington DC, you can turn to All American Bakery to fulfill your needs.

Why Are There No Dispensaries in Washington?

Marijuana dispensaries are not legal in Washington DC, which may confuse people when they see businesses like All American Bakery giving out edibles. At AABakery, those who pay the one dollar a month membership few can purchase products such as coffee mugs, rolling papers, stickers, and more. When they make a purchase they are then given a free edible, or similar product to go along with their purchase. This ensures that AABakery complies with I-71.

I-71 Compliant

Cannabis might be legal in Washington DC, but thanks to the city-wide initiative, often called I-71, retail establishments are not allowed to sell the drug. All American Bakery is able to give out edibles and other products as a gift when you make a purchase, but they can’t sell marijuana or its byproducts. This is because, in DC, anyone over the age of twenty-one is allowed to possess, grow, and even share marijuana.

Are There Restrictions With I-71?

Being I-71 compliant means that retail businesses and individuals can’t sell marijuana or its byproducts, but there are a few other restrictions to keep in mind. While it is legal to grow cannabis plants, you can only have six, and only three out of those six can “flower” at the same time. You also can’t smoke it in public or have more than two ounces on you. There is a fine for smoking marijuana in public, but you are usually allowed to get your weed back from the station after paying. Sharing your weed is completely legal, as long as you are sharing it with some twenty-one or older.


All American Bakery

To enjoy the products and gifts at All American Bakery, you just have to become a member and pay the monthly one dollar fee. To get started on becoming a member, you can fill out the short application form on their website. The basic membership is just one dollar a month, but they do have other tiers that cost more but also offer more benefits. You can also have your order delivered to most places in the Washington DC area, as long as it is not a federal building like a school or library. This is because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, therefore, is also illegal to have on any federally owned land or property.