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All American Papers is about more than being a “Lifestyle Company” related to cannabis but instead we endeavor to be an absolute FORCE in Social Responsibility in that realm as it relates to the DMV community. We aspired from our inception to be more than a typical company that was just about profit. Moreover, profit is a seldom spoken word for us as we constantly try to find new ways to “Leave it on the Battlefield” to quote a military phrase. See All the Original (And Current) owners and senior staff are either children of Vets, Nieces or Nephews of Vets or Vets themselves.

The original Owners therefore had the plights and complications that face the lives of Veterans in mind as to who the benefactors of any “Leftover money” should there be any from our I71 gifting and Cannabis Lifestyle business. So our first ‘Giving Back” efforts were intended to help homeless Vets but that proved hard for a new Cannabis related company as very few Government operations or Veterans Non Profits would work with us for fear of retribution from the US government. So we had to find other ways to GIVE BACK.

Those other ways were manifested by being personally conservative but the opposite when it came to running the business.

In fact, you will not see any big, rimmed Mercedes, Lamborghinis or Bentleys like the negative stereotypes of people involved with making a profit off the plant that have been put upon us by pop culture of decades past.

In fact, to the contrary at All American Papers our original charter was to act like a Charity that reserved the RIGHT to profit down the road 5 or 10 years into existence. To that end we have spent almost every FREE dollar on the following things that either were not required of us or that other I71 shops or Marijuana Dispensaries in other states DON’T do. Meanwhile we are all happy to have jobs with TAXED income ran through the best Payroll Companies in the world.

So along with All American Collecting and paying payroll taxes we also decided to give the BEST wages in the city for what we do. We unlike all the other shops give our employees PTO, Vacation Time, Holiday Pay and Full Health Care for senior staff and full time employees.


We also Have spent a great deal of our liquidity securing new locations, building them out to open more stores thereby creating more jobs for the community. We started a Charity AABUDDIES who’s whole goal Is to GIVE back to the community in various ways. We also have come to the legal defense of anyone that we know that has wrongfully been harassed, arrested let alone charged with any crimes that seem contrary to DC’s I71 law and its intention.

Here are some of the positive ways that ALL American Papers, All American Bakery, All American Sole and All American CBD have been helpful to the government (by collecting and paying Payroll Taxes), Helping or Donating to Public Organizations, Giving Jobs to the Community and donating to charity.

  • Given jobs to over 90 DMV residents since inception

  • Hired 9 vets so far (and counting)

  • Hired 5 felons that struggles to find good TAX PAYING jobs otherwise

  • Collected and paid over 250k in payroll taxes

  • Donated over 30k to charity

  • Fed over 20k meals through our Charity AABUDDIES

  • Covered 160k in healthcare through UNITED HEALTHCARE for employees

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