i71 Popup

The Initiative 71 law gained approval in November 2014, with at least 65 percent of the Congress votes. The bill legalizes possession of at least two ounces of Marijuana in Washington, DC. It also allowed people to consume it within their homes and cultivate a maximum of six plants.

Adults above the age of 21 have the right to share an ounce of Marijuana among each other. The law clearly stated that it does not allow its sale. Another ban surrounding Marijuana noted that no one should use it in clubs, restaurants, bars, and any other privately hosted event.

Gifting arrangements of i71 popup events

The ban on Marijuana sale sparked creativity in the community. People have created gifting arrangements that adhere to the spirit of Initiative 71. Some i71 popup events are easy to find while others remain discreet and only known to active members of the Marijuana community in the locality. The events tend to bounce around while maintaining the code of operation.

Presently, i71 popup events have frequent advertisement online, inclusive of social media platforms. Some organizers require an entrance fee while others do not. Other organizers need an RSVP detail for one to acquire the real information of the address.

The creativity of this gifting arrangement includes the sale of legal items like baseball cards, stickers, comic books, and rolling papers. The sold item consists of a free edible gift.

Process of gifting edibles

Budding entrepreneurs with a dedicated adherence to the i71 Initiative are becoming a trend in Washington DC. Becoming a vendor requires that you follow a couple of guidelines to maintain the legality of the exchange. A legal gifting arrangement ought to check a couple of the following on the to-do list before undertaking the first task:

Read the law

The transactional items of the business should not have a ban by federal or state laws. Common brand assets include stickers, raffle tickets, and t-shirts. You can customize the product list to include items that reflect the organization’s motto. Use smart business logics evaluate the cost and margin of the transactions.

Our arrangement

The All American Bakery has a bigger mission than to sell stickers, coffee cups, and other items. We understand that the Marijuana business is still changing on the state level. Our goal is to spread awareness of its perks while also offering tangible support to veterans and special needs candidates in the greater DC area.

We have a firm adherence to the i71 Initiative. We maintain the utmost care not to offend any laws, by selling legal items and staying away from schools, museums, libraries, and any federal property. Our delivery team will suggest the right location for the transaction when you give us a call. 

We plan to ease the transaction process by integrating Square payments in the future. Presently, we use cash on delivery option to deliver the purchased items and include a free edible. AA Bakery maintains neutral approach the i71 Initiative and continues to process transactions that stay on the logical side of the law.