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20th 500 New Laws Decriminalizing in Virginia

Legal Environment Changes for Cannabis in Virginia

The medicinal benefits of cannabis are plenty. This is the main reason behind the production and use of medicinal oils extracted from the outlawed weed. It’s over 40 years now that Virginia legalized its medical marijuana industry. Even though tests, procedures and legal environment changes are still falling in place, dozens of companies are waiting in the wings to get permission to grow cannabis. Read on to know about some new laws decriminalizing cannabis in Virginia. Also, get a closer look at how weed growers are looking ahead to a brighter future for themselves and their vendors.

Relaxation of Laws Decriminalizing Cannabis, in Virginia

The second week of April 2020 saw Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announcing his approval to a bill that cuts out jail time for the simple possession of marijuana. However, a civil penalty, comprising of a fine will remain firmly in place. This does not mean that legalization is granted for cannabis in entirety. The good part is that with new laws decriminalizing in Virginia, the heavier penalties that called for jail or prison punishments are no longer in place. Lower-level penalties, such as fines, continue to remain. Sale of this outlawed weed also remains under the scanner. With legalization, sales will be typically allowed. Besides, all penalties related to the possession of cannabis will be removed.

Cannabis, CBD Oil that’s 100 % THC Free

Virginia is now taking a restrictive approach to granting permissions for medical marijuana. According to experts in cannabis oil product manufacturing, the green light has been provided to low-THC oils and non-THC CBD oil containing products that can be attributed to the cannabis plant. The new laws decriminalizing in Virginia prohibit the sale of the high-inducing, smokable variety. This variety can only be sold against a doctor’s prescription. Only a pre-specified number of permits is allowed by the governmental authorities in Virginia to produce THC-A oil or cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Products

There is an important benefit of stripping off a large percentage of THC present in cannabis plants. According to those propagating the new laws decriminalizing in Virginia, once this chemical compound is eliminated, there are no intoxicating reactions triggered in the nervous system. Therefore, CBD oil minus THC is being touted as a vital and potent medicinal resource for treating severe seizures as well as other maladies. The curative properties of THC-free CBD oil aside, the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of cannabis are also being put to use by different industrial sectors. For example, CBD oil products are making deep inroads into the beauty and skincare segments. CBD lip balms and chapsticks are utilizing the anti-inflammatory properties of ‘CBD oil without THC’ to prevent dry and sore lips in users.

Way Forward

With decriminalizing in Virginia taking a new turn, companies are eyeing the medical cannabis space in a new light. The right way forward lies in developing and implementing programs that are sensitive to the needs of all concerned, local citizens included. If you have been waiting to get your hands on CBD oil products, then the right time to initiate your plans is now. Get going!

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